Meet Jenny

My name is Jenny Stoner and I am the founder of Shine. I live near Charlotte, NC with my husband Mark & son Nathan. After being in the mortgage industry for over 20 years, I retired from mortgage production to coach mortgage professionals and real estate agents across the country. For the past 6 years, I have been serving in the Student Ministry at my church. That’s where my passion for helping teen girls began. I love their zest for life, their playful spirits and their caring hearts.  I have combined my passions for coaching, personal development and inspiring young women and have created a coaching & mentoring program for teen girls.  I call it SHINE because I believe we were all created to SHINE brightly! 

Being a teenager is hard!  It comes with challenges that can sometimes seem overwhelming.  However, I  believe with the right tools, coaching, and support, young women today can not only make it through these teenage years, but THRIVE in them and create a life of impact that will change communities and leave lasting legacies for those after them! My vision for shine is to help young women know their worth, map out their paths and live lives of amazing impact.

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