Jenny is AMAZING! She’s very patient and makes sure you understand what’s happening in relation to your mortgage. Her team is top notch. We never wondered what was going on and were always able to ask clarifying questions. I’d never work with anyone else!
– Angela S.

The Stoner/Venable Team knocked another one out of the park for us! From start to finish, the process was smooth as butter! Their knowledge, experience, communication and charismatic ways keeps these ladies at the top of our list! Thank you so much for all that you are and do!
– The Vining Group Realty

Having gone thru the mortgage process in the past, I can tell you that by far this was the least painless process I have ever experienced. As corny as it sounds – it was like hanging with friends and solving a problem!
Thanks to the entire team!
– Joe & Amy L.

You were recommended to us by our agent, Karen Scully. You make this experiential. We weren’t just another application; you wanted this for us as much as we did! Your emotional connection to our happiness was simply OUTSTANDING. There was absolutely nothing you could’ve done better. Your communication was FAR BEYOND our expectations. We feel blessed to have come in contact with you and Kelly.
– Dawn & Jeff D.

Thank you Jenny. I can’t tell you how much Debbie and I have enjoyed this process with you. That sounds strange since it seems almost everyone never “enjoys” working to get a loan. But you and your team have made this process not only painless, but truly enjoyable! We are so grateful to you, Kelly and the rest of your staff for all you’ve done. I’m SO glad that we contacted you when we were ready to purchase – and I’ll make sure anyone who is looking for a mortgage (or just advice on how to better position themselves to buy a home) contacts you.
Thank you again!
– John & Deborah S.

I feel so lucky to have Jenny & her Fairway team in my corner! When it was time to sell the first home and begin house hunt #2, no other company or person was considered, Jenny and Fairway will be who I use for every mortgage I ever have, you don’t mess with perfection! Jenny met me in her office to review the different loan options; we went over every detail to ensure we found the best option and the right fit for this stage in my life. She provided great insights and we ultimately landed on the ideal mortgage to suit my needs. Jenny takes the time to really understand and get to know her clients; she goes above and beyond in answering any and all questions that come up, no matter how silly or minute! She has been an invaluable resource in this process, she genuinely cares about her clients and it shows in every aspect of the work she does for them and the time she dedicates to them. Thank you Jenny, you are amazing!
– Kylee M.

Absolutely A+++ service from the entire team! Thank you for making my loan feel like it was your most important loan! I know you have hundreds of other clients and loans flowing through, but I truly felt as if mine was the top priority! I am sure that is how you treat every loan, but this was a great experience! Thank you!
– TJ H.

Working with Jenny and her team was a truly great experience. I have had many mortgages over the years but this was by far the easiest and quickest process I have ever been involved in. Jenny and her team kept me informed every step of the way… I highly recommend her and her company to anyone applying for a mortgage.
– Michael I.

When I reached out to Jenny in March to discuss my circumstances and my desire to now purchase a home. She was very attentive in listening to my situation and letting me know that she would find out what options were available. Jenny was prompt in her responses and diligent in obtaining the necessary information for me to pursue my search for what is now a permanent home for me.
Although there were some scares that surfaced, the faith that we share in God and continual prayer from Jenny and her assistant now has me in a beautiful new home. Hopefully this isn’t unorthodox, but I would love to extend an invitation to Jenny and her office to come to a gathering that I will host once I’m completely moved in.
Thank you again for all of your help and prayers.
– Denise C.

Working with the Stoner Venable team was a great experience. Especially for a first time home buyer, I didn’t know what to expect. I was unsure on how to proceed in every aspect of the home buying process. Then Jenny came along and explained everything, and it wasn’t just like a short synopsis of the process, but detailed enough to ease my mind and to be become more comfortable with the unknown.

When I started out with the home buying process, I was using USAA and all of their services since they are my preferred bank. Well the realtor that was assigned to us, treated us like a “cash cow” if you will. He had no input on the house, nor did he do any research to back his recommendations. That’s exactly when we knew he wasn’t going to be a good fit. We needed somebody to assure us along the way, and that is where the Vining group came into play. As soon as they recommended Fairway, I was happy. I have never dealt with you guys, but since they were able to make us feel comfortable with this huge step in life, I was sure that they wouldn’t have recommended your organization without having merit to support it.

My feelings were right and everyone proved that I turned a questionable decision with USAA into the right one with the teamwork of the Vining Group and Fairway! The mortgage process was smooth, despite me traveling for work and not being able to respond to requests in a timely manner. The website gives you instant feedback, this way I knew that I was on the right track to closing on time!

Thank you for everything that you guys have done!
– Richard C.